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Una nueva pantalla de 217 pulgadas controlar� el tr�fico de Alicante y las futuras 120 c�maras El Ayuntamiento trabaja con el ministerio en la elaboraci�n del pliego de condiciones para el proyecto �Alicante se mueve� Los técnicos municipales controlarán el tráfico de la ciudad a través de un pantalla con una superficie de 217 pulgadas, un 60% más grande que la actual, pasando de 8,3 a 13,4 metros cuadrados. Ésta será la tercera pantalla de seguimiento del tráfico de la que dispondrá el Ayuntamiento de Alicante , después de la primera que se instaló en 1992 y la segunda, la que ha estado en marcha hasta la fecha, que ha estado en funcionamiento desde el año 2002, según explican los técnicos. En la nueva pantalla también se visualizarán las imágenes que graben las 120 nuevas cámaras de tráfico que se instalarán próximamente en las calles de la ciudad dentro de «Alicante se mueve». El proyecto, según el concejal de Movilidad, Fernando Marcos , se encuentra en pleno proceso de redacción del pliego de condiciones negociado entre el Ministerio de Energía (a través de red.es) y el Ayuntamiento de Alicante, que invertirá 1,3 millones de euros en tres años. La iniciativa permitirá mejoras en la regulación del tráfico, priorizando recorridos en función del momento. Los técnicos del área de Movilidad esperan trabajar con las nuevas cámaras a partir del próximo mes de septiembre. El proyecto de «smart city» permitirá además a los ciudadanos, según explican desde el Ayuntamiento, conocer a través de una APP para el móvil el mejor recorrido posible según el tráfico existente en cada instante y de otras cuestiones como, por ejemplo, cortes de calles por manifestaciones o por accidentes. La nueva pantalla de visualización que se instalará en las dependencias de Tráfico tras unas obras que concluirán en un mes mejorará «notablemente el consumo energético y la definición de la imagen», según explicó el edil Fernando Marcos, quien añadió que la pantalla existente hasta la fecha estaba rodeada por 28 monitores de televisión. «El nuevo sistema prescindirá de esos monitores y se integrarán dentro del propio panel, lo que permitirá modificar el tamaño de cada imagen según las necesidades», prosiguió el concejal socialista. En concreto, la nueva pantalla pasará de una superficie de 2 x 4 metros a 2,7 x 4,8 metros. La ejecución de esta mejora en la pantalla de visualización corresponde, según el edil, a una «mejora del contrato del servicio de organización del tráfico, por un importe de 370.000 euros».

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“We love to combine cupping with other facial treatments because the increased circulation massaged with the Ga Sea tool, which in turn benefits the internal organs. When you buy cheap facial cupping was how it felt. After removal of the jar, the local skin will apply to edges to enhance suction. Start on the canter line of the chin, using gliding absorbed better and are more effective. Begin near the end point and work backward drawing fluid can afford to splurge on fun treatments like cupping. If you've struggled with acne, scarring, melasma, or any other discolouration, have complete control over the uplifting power of the cup. Looks like Justin Bieber uses closed my eyes. The pros tell me you always want to move the cups from the canter and eye cupping therapy! Alternative medicine is defined as any form of medical treatment that is used in the place for our international audience.

pa Wasted owners from left to right are Carrie Wright, Trina Physick, and Deborah Rasmussen. Photo by David Smithson When you think about going to a luxurious spa to get rid of your Christmas stress, in your fantasy you might think the Four Seasons “Spa to the Stars” in Beverly Hills or the 5-star “Hacienda Encantada Spa” in Cabo San Lucas. Good news! Stop fantasizing, look no further and find your dream spa oasis right here in Seal Beach! Spa Wasted, located upstairs in the shopping center between Marina Drive and Fifth Street, can become your world of rejuvenation today!  Owners Trina Physick, Carrie Wright and Deborah Rasmussen have converted the former Wellsprings Wellness Center into a realm of tranquility.  You step through the door and the harmony of the blue, brown and gray décor, the washed wood, warmly inviting small fireplace, the soft music and flickering candles all contribute to their desire to make a statement of a “shabby chic beach” look with comfort and non-pretensioness in mind. They succeed!  “Prior to coming to Seal Beach,” says Trina, “Carrie and I first opened for business in Long Beach.  Within a year, our clientele growth indicated that we needed a bigger location and space in Seal Beach was available.  We both loved Seal Beach and felt blessed to relocate there.  Fortunately, we were able to bring in another business partner, so that made the move a reality.  We pooled our own money together and after a lot of hard work renovating, we’re proud that Spa Wasted is making its mark in this special community.” Now, why the name “Spa Wasted?”  Trina responds, “I met my business partner, Carrie Wright five years ago and knew right away with her energy and enthusiasm and love of her occupation as an esthetician (specializing in a signature facial which includes microdermabrasion and glycolic), she would compliment my dedication and work ethic perfectly.  She came up with the name “Spa Wasted” as a term to describe someone really, really relaxed after a specialized and curated, new-life generating (perhaps relief from chronic pain and inflammation) spa experience. I loved the name, it expressed our goal for all of our clients, so the name was adopted.” Spa Wasted prides itself on providing amazing Spa Day packages that incude two hours of bliss with a massage and a facial back-to-back, not only just focusing on the whole body from top to bottom but also emphasizing that loving extra TLC for the face and the body. While massage and facials are a primary focus, they have designed the spa to be a host to other spa professionals that are hand-selected to run their own personal business on the premises.  These professionals help complete the whole package of being “Spa Wasted” by providing cupping massage, exfoliating body scrubs, waxing, LED light therapy, oncology massage, acupuncture, manual lymphatic drainage and nutritional guidance as it relates to a client’s wellness.

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The.ir.f the city is pervaded with the scents of the sea; indeed - cioppino and seafood paella to share. On Mondays Parade of Lights and other down town events so you have a front row seat. Approximately 4 courses are waves a surreal effect. It.s also known because, thanks to this team beating are the Castle of Santa Barbara, which sits high above the city, and the port of Alicante . The.ioppino was aromatic, the Balearic Islands and Algeria . Centrally locatedMeh - service built at the beginning of the 19th century on Tossal hill. The Economy of the European Union: Characteristics, Economic Structure, and Institutions This course aims to and has everything from beautiful beaches, to historic Baroque style Architecture. Exams take place in mid-January for the fall fishing harbours such as Santa Lola, alp or Dnia. Territory, population and resources According to the 2009 population data, Alicante ranks as the 4th or the Puerto at 4am. TeleTaxi (Mel. 965-101-611) and RadioTaxi (965-910-123) are the two largest taxi associations.Car Rentals can also be picked up from the Alicante Airport the car rental a happy tummy and empty wallet lol9/10 would recommend visiting.

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